XBIM for 2019 Yangzte River Delta International Cultural Industry Expo


Pico X provides interactive navigation services for the Second Yangtze River Delta International Cultural Industry Expo in 2019 held in the National Convention and Exhibition Center.


The total exhibition area of the Yangtze River Delta International Cultural Industry Expo has reached 54000 square meters, with 874 exhibitors, 15 forums and 109 overseas cultural organizations.

Participants from different regions and overseas jointly explored the most cutting-edge culture products and technologies. Over 800 exhibitors from creative industries (museums and film factories), tourism organizations, technology and E-sports


Better navigation experience

At the entrance, participants find the booths and activities they are interested in by using our interactive Pavilion navigation map xbim. Participants can search for booths according to the booth number, name and category, and obtain the navigation route map on the mobile phone by scanning QR code via wechat.

"The interface is clear and easy to operate. It took me only a few seconds to find our company stand.



"xBIM Compared with the traditional paper map, it can obtain information more quickly

--Tonggao Information Technology Co., Ltd., technical partner

About xBIM

Xbim is an online 3D map design and indoor positioning and navigation tools.

With xbim, event organizers or service providers can easily generate 3D interactive maps through the background.

Online venue three dimensional map design tool

Interactive touch screen and mobile map


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