What do you see first when you enter an online exhibition?

The epidemic started in 2019 has given birth to changes in the traditional exhibition industry. More and more online exhibitions are subverting people's impression of traditional exhibitions. What will we see first when we enter an online exhibition?


In June 2020, the digital team of pike group, together with Kunlun Yifa, a leading domestic exhibition intelligent technology and platform provider, assisted Guangzhou Jinhan household goods and gifts exhibition to hold its first online exhibition. During the 6-day exhibition, about 900 Chinese home furnishing gift and handicraft manufacturers competed with nearly 200000 "cloud" fashion products, and 50000 overseas buyers were invited to start a smart shopping trip integrating online and offline, experiencing rich contents including 200 live broadcast activities, and developing unlimited business opportunities.

During the exhibition, exhibitors can access the online exhibition through mobile app and desktop webpage, and use the 3D visual exhibition map portal rendered according to the real exhibition scene to find and accurately access the details page of exhibitors, so as to promote more business opportunities. At the same time, through the intelligent search system of 3D map, it is more convenient to find interested exhibitors and exhibits.

As the main entrance of the exhibition, 3D map service is provided by xbim, an online venue 3D map design and indoor positioning navigation tool independently developed by Pico X.

-Xbim provides a convenient backstage to help quickly generate exhibition maps. It can quickly respond to the changing booth layout and help improve the overall layout efficiency.

-Xbim provides easy to use interactive 3D map, friendly operation interface and better use experience.

-Xbim's convenient booth search helps to quickly locate the exhibitors and products that need to be found.

-Xbim exhibitor page provides detailed exhibitor information, from brand or product pictures to introduction videos, to help exhibitors better display themselves.

-Xbim provides convenient public facilities, surrounding traffic, conference details and other information inquiry, to help exhibitors better understand the exhibition layout.

-Xbim provides powerful path navigation function to help exhibitors quickly locate and find the booths they want to go to. At the same time, the path planning function also helps the exhibitors better plan the exhibition path and make the exhibition planning in advance.

-Xbim provides a visual data platform to help organizers and exhibitors understand the data of booth access and navigation, and help track sales leads after the exhibition.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic at the end of 2019, the impact on the exhibition and activity industry is very great. The mode adopted by the online exhibition embodies the determination and belief of the sponsor poly to seek change in the "epidemic" and advance and retreat with enterprises, and also demonstrates the power of enterprises to actively embrace digitalization and forge innovation. As the provider of technology solutions, the digital team of pike group will also join hands with partners from all walks of life to make use of their rich experience in the exhibition and event industry to help more sponsors and technical partners create more miracles.

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